Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sources of Inspiration

Post publication, e-book listed on Amazon, and I had been struggling for new writing ideas, which has extended to blogging.  Prior to writing 'The Splintered Circle', I'd blogged for years on a different site and loved the interaction with people from all over the world.  My posts were just about every day life and included loads of pictures of the garden and local Dorset scenery.  So it is quite difficult to get back into it.  I feel clumsy; I'm not really full of ideas for posts about the book either.  Probably because I spent so long working on it and need a break?

This morning we have a rare window of sunshine and so I thought I'd just wander around the garden, take a few pictures of flowers and plants that have managed to survive and flourish despite all the rain and wind.  Just being outside away from the computer and other distractions can sometimes give me a bit of inspiration and ideas.

In the windowbox outside the kitchen window, I sowed gaillardia and antirrhinum seeds way back in March. Despite constant attack from slugs and snails, they are now blooming and the reds, yellows and oranges are stunning.

At the back of the garden, things are more natural, with wandering native shrubs and trees, amongst which there are bird feeders with sunflower hearts, nuts and niger seeds.  To me, here isn't a nicer sound than the call of goldfinches as they descend to feed.  A clematic tangutica, planted only last year, has rocketed, obviously appreciating the rain, and its unusual yellow flowers are loved by the bees.

Back inside, there's not much inspiration here.

But gradually ideas are coming through for the next piece of writing - either non-fiction, or another novel, although I still feel I need to wait a while for some more feedback on my first effort before charging on regardless.

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