Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Garden Today

Still quite a lot of colour in the garden, even though the day has been damp, grey and sunless. 

Garden Notes
Pyracantha - covered in berries, more so than this time last year
Viburnum - in flower

Bird Record for Today
Starlings - 10+ on suet
Blackbirds - on bird table (sultanas)
Blackcap, female - on suet
Robin - meal worms
Blue Tits - eating insects from shrubs near the house
Chaffinches - have had 20+ in the garden for most of the day - bathing in saucer on the ground and feeding on the ground and on nut pieces on birdtable
Siskins - two visited briefly, mild interest in the niger seeds
Goldfinches - 10+ visited a couple of times today - nuts, sunflower hearts, niger
Wren - solitary, very close to house looking for insects, plus spent a lot of time in the yew back left
Wood pigeon - I'm reluctant to include these as they are more or less a permanent fixture in our garden!  The minute food is out on the table, they appear. 

I was sent a link to this site:-

There is a live daylight webcam on there pointing at Brownsea Lagoon.  As Brownsea Island is closed off season, this is a good way to 'see' avocets, snipes and other waders.  I spent a while watching, saw avocets for sure, but then had a lot of difficulty identifying the less colourful birds - the standard webcam image is too small, but when you blow it up to full screen, everything becomes blurred.