Friday, 20 July 2012

Mevagissey Memories

As is the case with many holidays, there's always the intention to revisit certain places and Mevagissey is definitely one of those.

I used Mevagissey, Cornwall, and one or two other locations near to it, in The Splintered Circle.

This meant drawing on memories from twenty years ago, but if you have a good time then powerful memories tend to remain clear, at least for me.

For some of our trip to Cornwall, it rained - another vivid memory is when we visited Gweek Seal Sanctuary and were soaked for the whole day, but the seals were delighted and we managed to see some rutting deer and 'dippers' fluttering along the river bank, which may never have happened on a sunny day with lots of other visitors.

Luckily when we stayed in Mevagissey, it was warm and sunny.  We stayed in 'The Shark's Fin Hotel' which I believe is still open, parked the car near the water's edge on a narrow track with no railings to reverse into and appreciated the unique atmosphere.  I doubt it will be the same today, so perhaps a twenty year old memory is better than a revisit?

In the book, the character Raif Condor spends some time in Mevagissey, where he appreciates an open air folk concert and, totally out of character, dines on fish and chips :)  Unlike me, he doesn't get the chance to say in a hotel, or even bed and breakfast, instead his employer relegates him to a downmarket trailer park a few miles out of town in an effort to keep his profile low.

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